Alex Drakos
Full Stack Developer - Front End Developer

Personal Statement

I am a Full Stack Web Developer, specializing in front and back end solutions. I have recently been focused more on front end technologies with their exciting ever-changing landscape. I am passionate about new and forward-looking technologies, security and optimization, an experienced problem solver and I love a good challenge. I enjoy creating complex and creative solutions and I'm used to working under pressure and extreme deadlines.


2002 - 2010

National Technical University of Athens / BSc Electrical and Computer Engineering - Major in Computer Software, Hardware and Networks

Work experience

2016 - present

Cortexial / Freelancer

Owner, Full Stack Developer

Specializing in current and forward-looking technologies and building complex social media projects and solutions. Freelancing for various marketing agencies and handling projects for multiple big brands. Working with project teams to visualize and implement creative ideas and build compelx web applications.

2016 - 2017

The Hot Potato

Co-Founder, Full Stack Developer

The Hot Potato is an online collaboration tool for social media teams. As a co-founder and developer, I was responsible for every aspect of the development process: developing the front-end application, back-end services and API, setting up the database system and server infrastructure and designing the functionalities and short term goals. I also worked very closely with the design and business teams on fine-tuning the user experience and optimizing the project's workspace flow.

2011 - 2015

Cortex Wave Agency

Founder, Co-Owner, Full Stack Developer

Co-founded and run a Development Agency. Fully developed numerous projects, from simple web sites and eshops to complex web applications, ecommerce and CRM solutions. I was involved in the whole project lifecycle, from setting up servers and db systems to building the soltutions and managing and monitoring the projects. I was in charge of a team of 3 additional developers and handled the project managment and workload delegation.

2010 - 2011


Full Stack Developer

Various freelancing work, mostly building websites, eshops and promotional contests.

2007 - 2010

Can Communications

Junior / Senior Web Developer

Started as Junior Web Developer and quickly transitioned to Senior position. Worked in multiple projects as a team member or alone. Run and maintained multiple big brand websites and promotional content. Used mostly ASP, .NET C#, PHP and JS.


Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE)
Grade: A

DELF Certificates




Skills - Front End

I really enjoy looking into all the new things in the ever evolving javascript landscape. Always reading up on anything new and trying out the latest frameworks and tools.

Javascript (ES6-9, JQuery, etc)

ReactJS / VueJs

Other JS Frameworks (Aurelia, Knockout, etc)

HTML/CSS (LESS, SASS, Bootstrap etc)

Other (Web Sockets, Testing, API Design, UI / UX, Responsive Designs, etc)

Skills - Back End

Started up as a ASP / .NET developer, then mostly used PHP for many years. Lately I switch between using PHP, Node or Cloud Services (e.g. Firebase or EC2), depending on the project requirements and scope.

PHP (Plain, Laravel, FatFree, Slim, other)

NodeJS (Express, Hapi.JS, Feathers.JS, etc)

Cloud (Amazon EC2/S3, Firebase, Azure, etc)

Other (WebSockets, Testing, etc)

Skills - Other (SysAdmin, DB, Tooling)

I am always looking to get my hands dirty and figure out how things are setup and perform optimizations. Working on projects than needed fine control over the server, I've gained considerable knowledge on how to setup and administer a linux machine as a web server. I also use Webpack, Git and other tools (linters, Webpack, Babel, npm, etc) on most projects.

Databases (MySQL, MSSQL, RethinkDB, MongoDB, CouchDB / PouchDb / RxDB)

Tooling (Git, Webpack, Docker, Linters, npm, etc)

Web Servers (Apache, Nginx)

Linux Administration

Work Showcase


Geopacha is a collaboration and analysis tool for adding and categorizing current and historical data based on sattelite imagery. It is used in US Universities by archeology students and professors.
I was recently contracted to add new features and functionalities to the existing codebase (CodeIgniter PHP). I completely re-wrote the database schema and added and fixed various features, including better mapping functionalities (via OpenLayers), admin interfaces, two-step approval processes and more.

Nameless Noir

This is a personal project I am currently developing on my spare time. It is a collaborative investigation game, built for mobile devices. It consists of a mobile app, a main visual App and also an online tool to use as an editor for everyone to create stories for users to play (Built with React).
Still a work in progress, all the apps are built as PWAs using ReactJS (using the latest hooks feature) and a materialUI framework. For the backend and DB I use Firebase for the editor and a websockets based state syncronization Node server for the mobile and main apps.

The Hot Potato

Real Time Collaboration Tool for Social Marketing Teams.
Server Setup: CentOS, Nginx, Node with reverse proxying, RethinkDB for real-time database and various monitoring and reporting tools.
Back End: Decoupled NodeJS backend, using Hapi.JS and connecting to a RethinkDB Database. Communicating to the front-end via exposed API and WebSockets. JWT authentication and other security measures.
Front End: Standalone Javascript Application, built with AureliaJS. Full build process with Webpack and other tooling. Completely modular development. Real time connection with Hapi Nes.


Personal Project
This is a project that I dabble with on my (limited) free time. It is an online tool to enable designers and non-developers to quickly, easily and automatically create a simple web page. I am now adding support for various "contest" modules, to be used in contest type campaigns.
Server Setup: None. Project is built locally and is served via Firebase.
DB / Back End: Firebase is used for authentication, database and microservices (where needed).
Front End: The main front end app is build using VueJS, as a PWA (Progressive Web App), using Webpack.

Medimark Surveys

Medimark Surveys was a complex online survey tool. There were various complicated use cases that our team of two developers and a designer had to implement and was an overall really time-consuming project.
The project was built using AngularJS on top of a Laravel (PHP) Application. Apart from the user and administrative areas, it included a complex automated mailing system and a queueing import/export xls service.

Your Music Magazine

This was a really fun project to work on. It was on behalf of a marketing agency as a showcase for Spotify inside the Sony Xperia Lounge. It is a custom PHP / JS Application that the user searches and selects his favourite artists and then is presented with the latest news. Most of the site relies on the Spotify API, but there is also a custom scraper to collect and categorize all relevant news articles from various web magazines, via RSS or plain website scrapping, as well as connections to spotify and youtube for relevant albums and videos.

Balance Your Bet

Balance your Bet is an online platform that allows users to look up statistical analysis data to use in specific football betting conditions. It is build on a Laravel (PHP) backend with an AngularJS frontend. I became part of the project halfway through the initial development, when we ran into several issues due to the changing requirements and huge amounts of data to be analyzed. Most recently I implemented a way for the website to automatically get the betting odds for upcoming games from various bet sites, perform analysis on each game and present the results.

Kyma Project - Simply Green

These are a two recent Wordpress projects I worked on. Although pretty straightforward, they required quite a lot of custom work on plugins and themes.
Kyma Project is a platform for inclusive dance in Athens, that works as a directory and organizer of relative workshops, performances and events.
Simply Green is an online shop for yoga & Wellness products.


A small showcase of some of the more recognizable Brands I've worked with, on various projects. Some as direct clients, but most as freelancing work for marketing agencies. Except for projects done via Sporify UK for various of their clients in Europe, most were for campaigns in the Greek Market.